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Business Applications

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The Cloud Platform

For business

dbFLEX allows building business applications around a web-based database fast and easily

As your industry expert, you are familiar with your customers’ business needs, and you see the way to improve their business process.

Now with dbFLEX you may create an ideal solution that would perfectly fit your customers' business model, deliver it as your own brand and sell it at the price you establish.

How it works

Your Idea

Do you have an idea of business application for collecting, managing and sharing information utilizing an online database?

dbFLEX Platform

You can build your business application without any programming. No investments in IT infrastructure and no upfront costs are required.

Make money

Sell your business application as a subscription service at your own price and generate month-to-month cash flow.

dbFLEX platform vs.
Custom Development

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Focus on your application
instead of infrastructure

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Getting Started

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