Build, manage and deliver custom online database solutions to your customers

How dbFLEX works


Your idea

As an expert in your industry, you likely have an idea for a business application that collects, manages, and shares information utilizing an online database.

dbFLEX platform

You can build your cloud business application without any programming. No investments in IT infrastructure and no upfront costs are required.

Generate revenue

Market your cloud business application as a subscription service under your own brand and offer it to your customers with a pricing scheme you establish.

You focus on your application while dbFLEX maintains the infrastructure.

  • You know exactly what needs to be configured
  • You configure business rules
  • You market your solutions
  • You support your customers
  • You bill your customers according to your pricing model
  • We are your IT consultants
  • We provide a platform to support your configuration
  • We ensure application productivity and responsiveness
  • We provide a cloud infrastructure to deliver your database to your customers
  • We offer a CRM infrastructure for your leads management, accounting and customer support

dbFLEX platform supports the following database types:


Template is a pre-configurated database that the partner or partner’s customers may clone trial database from. Each partner may have an unlimited number of templates at no cost

Free Trial

Trial is a database that offers and unlimited capacity, but can be used within a limited period of time, e.g. within 14 days Trials are created based on a certain template.


Account is a pre-paid database subscription based on a free trial database. dbFLEX counts user licenses on a daily basis and bills you only for these user’s accounts.

Platform usage fee calculator

You negotiate pricing and terms of use with your customers
We do not interfere with your customer relationships

Calculated Total Fee
0 (per month)
+ 200 one-time fee for certificate installation
“Calculated Total Fee Discounted
0 (per month)
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To help our partners grow their business, dbFLEX pricing scheme now offers progressive volume discounts based on monthly fee:

  • $1000 - 10%
  • $2000 - 15%
  • $3000 - 20%
  • $4000 - 25%
  • $5000 - 30%
  • $6000 - 35%
  • $7000 - 40%
  • $8000 - 45%
  • $9000 - 50%
Regular users
$0.30 / user / day

A regular user is an employee or a co-worker of your customer’s company or its affiliates.
A regular User may have access to the Setup mode according to a specified setup permission.

External users Pack permits access to your customer database by any number of external users, only if that access is for the benefit of your customer, not of the external user. An external user is a person who is not an employee or similar personnel of your customer’s company or its affiliates, and is not someone to whom your customer provides hosted services.

$200 one-time fee for certificate installation and $15/month for failover infrastructure maintenance. Also, you need to purchase SSL certificate from the provider of your choice.

Subdomain with dedicated user management and optional Single Sign-On support:

  • Manageable users list
  • User’s login histories
  • Additional security options such as:
    Password complexity and expiration policy.
    Session timeout, IP address restrictions.
    Optional automatic user account lockout after entering an password several times
  • Ability to setup Single Sign-On using any SAML 2.0 identity provider (for example Azure Active Directory, Microsoft ADFS, or Auth0)
  • Ability to grant access to this functionality for your customers’ admin user(s) if needed.

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