Platform usage fee

You establish your own rate to bill your customers.
You charge them and collect premiums for using your applications

You negotiate pricing and terms of use with your customers. We do not interfere with your customer relations.

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To help you setting up your business, we don't charge you
for keeping Templates and Trial applications.
We'll bill you only for your paid customers.

Application Type Regular User Fee External Users Pack*
* An external user is a person who is not an employee or a similar personnel of your customer company or its affiliates, and is not someone to whom your customer provides hosted services. External Users Pack permits access by any number of external users to your customer database, as long as that access is for the benefit of your customer and not the external user. For example, there are 5 "regular" users and 50 "external" users in your customer application. So, we'll bill you for ( 5 users * $0.30 day + $3.00 day) * 30 days = $135.00 month.
Template FREE FREE
Account $0.30 / day $3.00 / day

Subdomain with dedicated user management
and optional single sign-on support.

Organization-Wide Subdomain
* The way we bill databases under these subdomains remains the same. Minimum fee for organization-wide subdomain is $199/month; that is if you already pay us $199/month or more it will be available for free.
  • Manageable users list.
  • Users’ login history.
  • Additional security options such as password complexity and expiration policy, session timeout, IP address restrictions, optional automatic user account lockout after entering invalid password several times.
  • Ability to setup Single Sign-On using any SAML 2.0 identity provider (for example Azure Active Directory, Microsoft ADFS or Auth0).
  • Ability to grant access to that functionality to your customers’ admin user(s) if needed.
$199.00 / month*