You focus on providing great applications and service to your customers while we provide comprehensive infrastructure of your business application during its whole lifecycle.

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dbFLEX platform supports the following applications types

1TemplateTemplate is a pre-configured application, based on which the partner or partner's customers can create trial applications. Each partner may have unlimited templates.

2Trial Trial is an application that can be used within a limited period of time, e.g. within 14 days. Trials are created based on a certain template.

3Account Account is a pre-paid application subscription based on a free trial application. We will count user licenses and bill you only for this type of applications.

Support & Security

1Support Infrastructure You may utilize our CRMdesk-based customer support system to automate your customer support.

2 Security Infrastructure Since the information you enter may be highly confidential, the protection of your data is extremely important to us. It is ForeSoft policy to maintain confidentiality over your information. Once your information reaches us, it resides on servers that are heavily guarded both physically and electronically.

Physical Security

Customer Data is stored and processed in data centers with appropriate physical, technological, and administrative controls enacted to ensure appropriate access of Customer Data.

Application Security

The dbFLEX application security model is structured in layers as follows:


dbFLEX support personnel does not have access to customer databases unless they are invited or authorized by a customer.


All access to dbFLEX requires authentication through our membership system. All web pages in the dbFLEX system require secure access - there are no parts of the system that are open to the public unless explicitly specified.


Our database data for each individual application is separated from the data of every other application. No other dbFLEX customer can access your data through dbFLEX – our architecture doesn't allow it and cannot be manipulated in any way to allow it.


Our application sharing system has been designed to fully utilize a role-based security. Each user has a role within an application and each page is tailored specifically to that role, so that each user is restricted to see and to do exactly what you allow this user to see and to do.


We perform daily back-up of customer databases to prevent data loss. In case of natural disaster, we have a second and separate data center that redundantly protects and stores all customer information and assets.


ForeSoft Corporation has a very strict internal policy and procedures, preventing dbFLEX personnel from accessing the information stored within customer databases without customer authorization.